Sunday, 26 July 2015

Summer Holiday Reading

This summer I had big expectaions of me reading essentially the whole of waterstones....however I've barely even read 2 books and half of my holiday has gone. So far I have read Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk and The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath. If you have already seen the film of Fight Club but not the book then I urge you to read it immediately despite it not showing Brad Pitt and Edward Norton it is a literary phenomenon! In my opinion it captures capitalism, communism and the overall government so eloquently, it is now one of my favourite books.

I also wrote this post so that I could ask for any recommendations for which books I should take on holiday with me, I am already taking Alexa Chung IT and J.D Sallinger Catcher In The Rye but I'm desperate for new books so all suggestions are welcome!

Thank you for reading,
Toni x

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

I'm baaaaack

Recently my blogging has completely deteriorated due to my exams. Unfortunately I prioritized my A Levels completely, and in consequence haven't been on this blog for months. However now my exams are over and I am looking forward to a blogging based summer!
Although this isn't a particurlarly successful blog, I have missed putting my thoughts out there and being able to talk about the things that matter to me, because of this I am so excited to get into a routine of writing and preparing my blog.

This bank holiday weekend to, perhaps, celebrate the end of my exams me and my family went away to Scarborough for a night for my dog's birthday. Usually I'm not a big fan of the seaside but generally it was quite nice to get away from everything and consume my body weight in hot chocolate. I hope everyone else is enjoying themselves and good luck to those of you who have exams remaining!
Toni x

Coat - Primark
Jeans - Topshop
Bag - Asos
Dungarees - Cow Sheffield

PS - My hair isn't always that luggy!!! Promise!!

Thursday, 26 March 2015


I haven't been on this in about 50000 years and I blame college because I have literally had to do 7 presentations in one week. Anyway just writing to say I'm back and will be posting more frequently during the Easter holidays
love toni x

Monday, 23 February 2015

Fluttering Eyelashes

For a while now I've been stuck on which Mascara to buy and I've never really gotten down to it so I've kind of lived off of the scraps of my old ones....bad move Toni, bad move. I'm such a big fan of the full mascara/lashes/60s look that people like Zooey Deschanel and Suki Waterhouse so often have and I'm so jealous that my eyelashes don't look like there's (even though they wear false eyelashes 99% of the time). If you know any good mascaras that will do this for me please suggest some below! In this post I'm going to write about 3 mascaras I have been using this month, and hopefully give some input into what mascaras are good and what mascara's aren't so good...

1) Roller Lash - Benefit 
I've seen so many blog posts about this so I'm sure that if you're reading this you're going to have heard it all before but I really like this mascara! Like many others, I bought the mini sample which was with the March issue of ELLE (Keira Knightley is also cover star so I had to buy it) and I was amazed. However me being a stupid person also picked up a broken one without realising, so mine dried out within a week (cries). Despite my stupidity I have no complaints, the mascara lasts all day with great effect and also it is so easy to remove with make up wipes! I love it, and I think when my Scandal Eyes Retro Glam has run out I may be purchasing this (sorry money I have saved up for a new laptop!).

2) The Falsies Volume Express - Maybelline
After hearing such amazing reviews about this mascara I indulged in this near to prom at the end of June last year and it has only recently ran out which I think is pretty amazing considering I wear mascara basically everyday (except lazy days of course!). However this mascara didn't work that great on me which sounds kind of dumb but my sister also uses this product and it looks amazing on her lashes but unfortunately mine don't do the same thing. This mascara is great for curling and lengthening lashes however it's not very good with volume which is very ironic considering the name. I also found it was very easy for my lashes to go clumpy when using this product. Overall it's cheap and cheerful but there's also room for improvement!

3) Scandal Eyes Retro Glam - Rimmel London 
I bought this product probably a year ago now and I loved it so much but then when I'd used it up I couldn't find it anywhere (I definitely wasn't looking properly) ever since I haven't bought it until Friday when I knew I needed it again! This mascara is so under rated it gives off such full and long and volumous (that's not a word I know) lashes and I just love it! The brush is very thick and I just love it, as it says in the name it helps me to achieve the 60s lashes I desire. I definitely would recommend this to makeup lovers who are on a budget!

These are the mascaras that I own, and I would love to hear any suggestions for a 60s lash like Zooey's/Suki's. Thank you very much for reading!

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Eyebrow Routine

As you may have guessed from pictures of me (follow me on Instagram by the way @wooftoni/@toniabud) I'm hardly a genius at makeup, specifically my eyebrows. I am a massive fan of the strong brow look of Ali Michael, Lily Collins and of course the trademark of brows Cara Delevingne's. However unfortunately my brows are so fair because I'm naturally very fair haired, I therefore have to use multiple products in order to shape and colour them in order to even match my hair colour. This post is entirely to inform people on the brow products which are good for dark hair, and please if you're reading this and you can, could you give me any recommendations for a brow gel? All of mine are running out and I just want a brand that is cruelty free rather than the brands I have right now.

The products I have featured are:
Please comment if you have any recommendations for eyebrow gel, and thank you for reading!

Friday, 20 February 2015

Evolution Sheffield

If you're not from Sheffield then you may not have seen an evolution store (maybe you have, I just have no idea where the stores are ooops) but this shop is golden and is unfortunately shutting down forever on the 22nd of March (cries). I thought that because it is such a pretty shop, I'd raise awareness of the loss of such a lovely little decoration/accessory shop (which by the way is 50% off all products). The products I am going to post about are the things I have collected recently.

Clock earrings - 40p!!!!!!!
SO today I visited the store and I can't walk into that shop without buying something, its just so cute. I saw these earrings which was reduced from £6 (i think) to 40p. They remind me a bit of Alice in Wonderland and I just bought them because firtstly they're a massive bargain, and also because I'm so bad with jewellery because I'm too forgetful. Basically I love them already and I could not have walked away from them even if I wanted to.

Flower Photo Frame - £1.50 (I think)
Another thing I recently purchased was this set of three blue picture frames which was £1.50, I think, that I fell in love with when I saw it (especially the price). I have a blue and white themed room so this of course fit in perfectly. I have no idea what pictures I will include but I'm so happy with it, it's so pretty and vintage and I just love decorative things!!!

Happily Ever After (£6.50 I think)
My friend bought me this as a present at full price but there are still quite a few in stock for half price which is another great deal, especially if you're like me and kind of obsessed with fairytales. I think its so cute and vintage looking and I love it, I still have to put it up because I'm the most unorganised person ever. There are such a variety of sayings in this format, at least one that someone will like/want. I adore this and I think it is brilliant.

SO basically if you're reading this, run to the nearest Evolution store and buy as much as you can carry because it is soooo cute and I love it.

Thursday, 19 February 2015

the perfect scent...

We all have our own favourite scent/perfume of course! However I'm quite an unorganised person, as you may have guessed, and I either have quite a few perfumes or none at all. Unfortunately perfume is one of those things that I don't see as a necessity and if I'm honest I feel quite strange buying it myself rather than receiving it as a gift. However I have decided to write this post about a variety of perfumes/body mists which I own, all of different price ranges.

Victoria's Secret - Mango Temptation (Around £8)
The first of my examples of perfume products is Mango Temptation by Victoria's Secret, a fruity and flowery mix of scents (which to be honest I would love to drink/eat if I could). The bottle holds 250 ml, and I've had my bottle since mid January and it hasn't even nearly ran out yet! In addition the bottle is plastic, therefore it can be taken with you anywhere and there is no chance of it smashing and ruining your favourite bag! My only complaint with this body mist is that it doesn't last long, however at a price of £8 per bottle can you really not afford to keep spraying away? I definitely recommend this product, and I am waiting for Victoria's Secret to release Mango Temptation scented bath water.

Killer Queen - Katy Perry (around £15)
My next perfume is from Katy Perry's fragrance line which smells quite sweet yet I have no idea how to describe it. I recently broke my 'no buying perfume for myself' rule when I saw this on offer in Boots as I had received this a few years ago as a present and I loved it! However the second time around I'm not a massive fan as the scent is just so strong it is if anything overwhelming. When I bought this I applied it then naturally went to stroke my dog and it scared her off because of how strong it is! Now this is either dog repellent, or a perfume, I have just sprayed some so that I could accurately describe it (as I did with the other two perfumes) and this is all that I can smell. Overall I do not regret purchasing this because it gives me something to wear on a daily basis, but I am not a massive fan. However the packaging is amazingly fierce and pretty and I just want to be Katy Perry...

Daisy - Marc Jacobs (around £45)
My favourite of the three, and of course the most expensive by quite a lot, is the lovely and fairy-like Marc Jacobs. I realise that 'fairy-like' may be quite a vague description, but honestly it smells so light and lovely and pretty if I could smell like anything for the rest of my life, this would be my smell. I adore this perfume and I can't say a bad word about it, I'm saving this for special occasions to put off the inevitable of it running out but I love it so much! The packaging is one of the best things about this product as it just looks so innocent and cute, I adore it (no word of a lie)! So if you are thinking of treating yourself to a new perfume and would be willing to pay the price I would absolutely 300% recommend this to you!